1. Benefits of Dental Implants

    The loss of one or more of your teeth not only affects your appearance but your oral health as well. Tooth loss is mostly due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury. Without a replacement, your remaining teeth may start to shift into the open space, putting you at risk of tooth fractures and damage. Shifting teeth can result in a misaligned bite, causing issues with your jaw joint. When yo…Read More

  2. Ten of the Most Common Reasons to Visit Your Dentist

    Sometimes dental issues pop up, even when we take good care of our teeth. Such dental problems may not cause any pain; others may be slightly sensitive, and some could potentially have you rushing to your local dentist. The Most Common Reasons to Visit Your Dentist The most common dental problems can be avoided easily by following a healthy oral and dental health care routine. Receiving regular de…Read More

  3. Things You Can Do to Improve Your Smile

    At Advanced Dental Care in Leesburg, VA we strive to provide a unique dental experience that’s tailored for you. With a mission to provide our patients with the most complete oral health services and to educate them about oral health and healthy dental practices, we are very excited to kick off our dental blog. As one of the best dentists in Leesburg, we want to see you have a beautiful and heal…Read More