There is nothing that can boost your sense of confidence quite like a white smile. And nothing can get you a brighter smile than advanced teeth whitening from Advanced Dental Care. However, while teeth whitening options are a great way to quickly get a brighter smile, they are not a permanent solution and there are certain steps that must be taken in order for your whitened smile to last. With that in mind, we put together five foods and beverages that you should hold off on after whitening your teeth in order to prevent any staining of the teeth.

Ditch the Cup of Coffee

For some, coffee is a morning ritual. Without it, it is a struggle to even finish the day. As great as the boost that coffee gives us is, it is one of the leading causes of tooth stains. In fact, coffee may be why you sought teeth whitening treatment in the first place! If at all possible, we know it is hard, its best to wait at least two days after getting your teeth whitened to reduce its staining effect. However, if you cannot bear a morning without coffee, use a straw to drink so it goes past your teeth and minimizes any potential staining.

Avoid the Acidic Foods

Acidic foods and drinks are something you want to avoid after a teeth whitening. Although they are not known to cause staining, they can cause a lot of pain and tooth sensitivity after a whitening appointment. During teeth whitening, bleaching agents are used, which weaken tooth enamel short-term. Be sure to avoid soft drinks, juices, pickles, oranges, and other foods or drinks that can increase the acidity of your saliva. When saliva becomes acidic your teeth are more susceptible to damage or sensitivity, especially after the tooth enamel is temporarily weakened. Consult with your dentist after your whitening to get further dietary advice for the days following a whitening to get an idea of what acidic foods and drinks you may want to avoid.


Pass on the Glass of Red Wine

There is nothing like having a glass of dark, red wine at the end of the long day. While red wine is known for its relaxing and heart-healthy properties when consumed responsibly, like coffee, it is near the top of the list when it comes to the leading causes of tooth stains. It is best to resist that glass of merlot for as long as possible to maximize the longevity of the whitening treatment. If you need to indulge, try switching it up with a glass Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc to minimize staining.

Stay Away From Other Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco

Not only are alcoholic beverages often dark in color, but the acid in alcohol can damage the enamel, which is especially vulnerable after whitening. The same goes for chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes which are some of the biggest teeth staining culprits around.

Forgo the Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a great option for those who have a bit of a bittersweet tooth. It not only can help lower blood pressure, but it also has heart disease-reducing properties. All these benefits, though, do not come without a cast. Dark chocolate can take a toll on recently whitened teeth and leaving them more susceptible to permanent staining and other types of damage. Just like with most candy, when dark chocolate is consumed consistently in large amounts the sugar will begin to wear down the enamel, which can lead to teeth staining. For the best whitening results, try to avoid eating dark chocolate for a week after a whitening to avoid its staining properties.

Skip the Saucy Foods

A lot of people love eating pizza, spaghetti, and curry dishes, but sadly, they are not the best foods to keep your teeth bright after a whitening. Not only are tomato sauces and curries highly saturated in color, but they are also very acidic — a deadly combination for the enamel on your teeth. Stews, Asian dishes that contain soy sauce, and marinades can all cause staining.


A bright white smile can really increase self-confidence. However, after whitening your teeth it is important to be mindful of the food and drinks you consume. However, by avoiding the foods and drinks above, you will be able to keep your whitened smiler longer. Before you begin any teeth whitening treatment, make sure to talk to your experienced dentist. If you want to know more about your available teeth whitening options, schedule a personal dental health assessment and teeth whitening appointment.

If you are in need of teeth whitening in Leesburg, VA, head to Advanced Dental care. With just one visit, our in-office teeth whitening treatments offer stunning results! To schedule a teeth whitening appointment or dental consultation, contact one of our friendly patient care coordinators today!