Providing the foundation, a proper oral health care routine is imperative to ensuring healthy and beautifully functional teeth for life.

Helping you get the most out of your office visits, we create personalized treatment plans which address your specific areas of concern and long-term health objectives. As experts in general oral care, we offer individualized advice and tips for maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile at home.

Dental Cleanings and Regular Checkups

At Advanced Dental Care, we adhere to the core belief that preventative dentistry is key to optimal oral health. With each visit to your ADC dentist, you can expect:

  • An in-depth oral health exam, checking for signs of future issues.
  • A full assessment of the strength and functionality of your teeth, limiting the possibility of undetected cavities.
  • A thorough inspection of your gums to ensure against gingivitis or advancing gum disease
  • A comprehensive cleaning of tooth, gum and tongue surfaces.

Routine dental visits, scheduled at least every six months, are one of the most effective oral health measures ensuring long-term oral health. Paired with daily brushing and flossing, checkups help keep your smile functional and beautiful.

The Right Dental Health Products

As experts in dental care, we are happy to make recommendations regarding the oral health products you choose for you and your family’s daily use. Though there is a wide array of toothpaste brands, toothbrush styles, dental floss, and even mouthwash types, many aren’t approved by the American Dental Association. At Advanced Dental Care, our recommendations will be personalized to your individual needs and objectives, and are always of high quality and are extremely effective.

Interesting Dental Fact

Did you know that at birth, you already had 20 primary teeth formed? They begin breaking through the gums at about six months and continue until all baby teeth are present. We lose those primary teeth and they are replaced by permanent teeth, and by the age of 21, we have all 32 of our permanent teeth.