For decades, braces have been proven to be a highly-effective measure in helping people improve and straighten their teeth and experience the attractive smile they’ve always dreamed of. Available in a variety of types and styles, braces have helped millions of patients feel confident in their looks, regardless of their age.

By applying a constant yet gentle force, braces eventually move teeth to their proper positions. Treatment times vary but generally last between one and three years. Depending on the type and degree, tooth straightening devices can be both worn day-in and day-out for years or may be taken out to eat and speak.

The types of braces offered at Advanced Dental Care include:

  • Traditional Metal — Thanks to advances in orthodontics, traditional metal braces are more comfortable than ever before. Constructed with medical-grade stainless steel, this type straightens teeth using a series of brackets and archwires which are adjusted as needed. Added elastics both customize braces and provide enhanced straightening support.
  • Self-Ligating — Made from the same type of metal as traditional braces, self-ligating braces don’t require elastic bands, causing less friction. A specialized clip helps the archwire gently move teeth into place. Patients report less pressure and pain with this type of apparatus.
  • Clear Braces — Practically invisible, clear braces are becoming a preferred choice for many brace wearers. Constructed of high-quality ceramic, clear braces are larger and tend to be less durable than metal. Orthodontists steer away from using clear braces on lower teeth as they are slightly bulkier.
  • Clear Aligners — Invisible, removable and painless, clear aligners have become one of the most popular choices in braces for adults. Coming in a series of gradually changing acrylic trays, these invisible braces allow wearers to comfortably straighten their teeth while still being able to eat their favorite foods and clean and floss their teeth as they normally would.
  • Lingual Braces — Perfect for those whose lifestyle or aesthetic concerns prevent them from wearing traditional braces, lingual braces are customized to the wearer’s teeth, created for that person alone. They sit behind the teeth, instead of in front, and are invisible when smiling or speaking.
  • Six Month Smile — Quick orthodontics and suitable for some individuals.

Schedule a consultation now if you want to learn more about our teeth straightening options. We’ll perform a full assessment and decide together if you’re a candidate for orthodontics.